Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello there

I just wanted to drop in, since I haven't blogged in awhile!  I've been struggling a bit, had a fever for 24 hours this week, last week I developed some episodic neurological symptoms, and am overall weakened and struggling on top of the usual struggle to do basic things.  Walking a few feet is really difficult- something I was beginning to take for granted, and I'm having to lay down and rest the entire day, when it felt like I pretty much already was before!

Every day we have to make a choice to not let a bad circumstance tear down our will, because even though my head might be screaming 'why' my heart will always shout 'Holy' to my God, it just will and I can't help it!  So since I know Who is in charge, I might as well keep trying my best.  I cannot control what is going on, none of us can.  Anything can happen in this life even to those who have everything going their way.  It's so important to make that choice, and if you have to keep making it over and over in a single day, a single hour, than do it.  Choose to be positive, choose to keep your chin up.  And you also have the choice to not do it alone.

And thanks to the amazing group of people I have in my life, always there for me when I call out for help!


  1. I've been a silent reader for a while, but I just wanted you to know what an inspiration you are. Your attitude is incredible.

    1. Hey Frank, thank you for your kind and encouraging words!

  2. Hi Milly,

    I am sorry to hear that you are struggling so much. I hope and pray that you will gain strength quickly.

    I love what you said about your heart's response: “... my heart will always shout 'Holy' to my God, it just will and I can't help it!” That's so beautiful.

    God bless you Milly,


    1. thank you my friend! I hope you are well!
      God bless

  3. Hope you are feeling better Milly!