Thursday, March 15, 2012

What's Important

Every day, I see people getting upset about the little things.  Often, it's myself!
I think so often every day, "life is too short to stress over the little stuff, just let it go!"
I see the road rage, or hear a sad story on the news, and wonder where the priorities in this world are.  Everything is always about the bottom line or how to get ahead.  It's hard to get everyone's attention, it usually has to be a big life changing thing in their personal life to do that.  All I can do is remind myself and maybe a few people around me when the time is right--and hope that my friends will do the same for ME when I lose sight of it.  

I love to just sit and people watch, or take in the breeze and some good scenery.  Or sit and have a good talk with a friend!  This time of the year is my favorite, or rather this kind of weather.  It's just the right kind of warm and doesn't aggravate my POTS, and has an exciting feel in the air, because we've all forgotten what it felt like to go outside in short sleeves, or not to be freezing half to death without 3 layers and fuzzy boots.  (Unless you're one of those lucky warm weather year round people. In that case, don't talk to me, I'm so jealous!) 

No matter what you are doing, don't lose sight of what is important in life.  Every week it seems like I hear another little one has lost his or her battle to mitochondrial disease, or see a little smiling face enduring so much.  and I know I have so little to be complaining about.  There is so much I want to do! 

This song by mercyme pretty much sums it up for me!  

I can be there for you when it can't get much harder
I can cover your head when life starts to rain
I can hold on tight when you feel like you're falling
I can bread crumb the path when you've lost your way
I can make you laugh when the whole world is crying
I can build you up when you're broken in shame
But if all that we do is absent of Jesus, then this so called love is completely in vain...

In Him, 

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  1. Hi Milly! :)

    “ is too short to stress over the little stuff....” Ah, yes. Hard to always remember though, isn't it?!

    I think getting a disabling chronic illness can be a great wake-up call. It can give us wisdom we might not otherwise have acquired at the same stage in life. And your God-given wisdom shines through in your posts and videos, Milly.

    This post made me think of where I always turn for comfort, Matt. 11:28-30.

    I pray and trust that God gives you the strength to do the “so much (you) want to do!”

    Have a happy Spring, Milly! :)