Sunday, April 8, 2012


I wrote this yesterday on my tumblr.  Just going to copy and paste it here even though it's Easter Sunday.
It’s the Saturday before God the Father lifted Christ from the Grave all hope was lost 2000+ years ago.  Just remember when all hope seems lost, that He is right there with you and is always there to lift your head when you are to tired to hold it up yourself!  I’ve been in so many dark places this year, including the Valley of the Shadow, and my own sorrows and anger at my humanity.  Struggles.  Sadness.  Fear.  But God remains and in the end, He is Risen.  HE is GOD.  Jesus Christ was at the beginning and the end (Rev 1), He is the Word and He was with God at the Creation of the Universe (John 1).
Give all your worries and anxieties to Him. You don’t HAVE to live with them!  You don’t HAVE to carry them!  I know my shoulders are NOT big enough to carry them.  I can’t walk through this life with them on my back.  I have enough to carry, both physically and emotionally, and do not want or need extra baggage.  I have a Savior to give them too.  and like He said and is recorded in all 4 of the Gospels, it is Finished.  It was nailed to the cross with Jesus, He saw all our sins and sorrows and when He died He ended the legalism, it died with Him.  Heard somebody put it that way once, about the legalism, and I love that so much.   Our sins, and burdens, died with Him.  thousands of years before we were even born He took them away!  They’re gone!  but we have to give them up.  And that’s the hard part, something I’m still learning how to do every day.
I love the song You are God Alone by Phillips, Craig & Dean.
Love, Milly

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  1. Hi Milly!

    “Give all your worries and anxieties to Him.”

    I needed this reminder right now. I have always struggled with worry and anxiety. But worry doesn't accomplish anything. I should hand my worries to Him, and have more time to spend in prayer and action. I'm learning to hand them over. Thanks for the reminder. Your thoughts have lightened my burden!

    Christine is downstairs playing “Because He Lives” on her violin. Another good reminder!