Monday, April 30, 2012

Joys in each Day

I love how each day has so many little things in it that has the potential make us smile, if we just pay attention.  Especially once spring overtakes winter!  The way thin summer clouds clouds look when the wind pushes them along on a sunny day, or hearing the birds singing the same songs I been listening to since I was a little girl, are enough to make anybody smile!  I love the familiar comfort in that, and knowing that even when I'm having a bad day they go on singing - the world goes on.  Another familiar sound I love is the sound of the racecars, as I live close to a track.  Every weekend as soon as spring comes and until summer is over, they're out there tearing up the dirt.  It is such a comforting rhythm in my life.  I sleep better when they're running, because I've been hearing it since I was born 21 summers ago.

I love getting mail, and using my favorite tote bag, and spending time with people who make me laugh.  I think sitting around a bonfire with good friends on a starry night is the best way to spend a summer night and get that joyful bubble in your heart, and spending time with my Savior the best way to keep it there.  I love Sunday mornings fellowshipping and worshipping with some of the most amazing people I know.  And even when everything seems like its going wrong, I always know that these things are there and going to always be right.

Just amazes me how each day has so many special things in it.  I should write them down, because sometimes I'm too busy or overwhelmed to notice.  For when I start to notice, I find myself feeling so much happier!  So today, stop and thank God for something.  
Because Life is really special.


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  1. Paying attention, noticing – they really do help me to be happier. When I don't notice the blessings that surround me, my mind can easily get caught up with troubles. Life is so wonderful and precious. I need to keep in touch with all of life, not just my problems and worries. Sometimes I keep a “Gratitude journal” where, at the end of the day, I capture some of my many blessings with a word or short phrase for each one. I find this puts things into a better perspective, and it helps me to feel more content. Reviewing old entries is a good reminder that I am surrounded by so many blessings. Whenever I notice, I am so grateful to God!!
    Thanks for this uplifting reminder, Milly!