Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Laughter is the Best Medicine

I just spent the past 1hr 21min with a fellow POTSy friend doing one of my favorite activities: laughing!  
Its exercise, it has to be because it definitely is tiring!
It's medicine, surely, because it makes me feel better in its own way.

We also shared, teased, and even grumped a time or two.

Today was a tiring exhausting day, but a very good day.
I feel the need to sleep a lot, but something always gives me the courage to keep going.
Knowing Im going to see a smile on my physical therapists face when she came down the hall and saw I was sitting in the waiting room, that I'd made it in that day.

Every time a new challenge pops up - med time, needing to set up IV fluids, or refill my feeds - I know I can because these things keep me strong and well as I can.  Each time I need to climb the stairs or overcome some physical challenge I do my best to put one foot in front of the other (usually just not thinking about it), I push because I believe there are purposes in every day, in every life.  God gives me strength to carry on.  I consider it all Joy - James 1:2

--Fighting On


  1. You have the right attitude. I usually do too... just not this week! LOL

    1. we all have those weeks. They help to develop who we are! BIG hugs!