Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Work Together!

This morning I went to my chiropractor, who as always greeted me warmly and didn't let me leave without a hug.  I told him, "I don't know what I'd do without you."  He got quiet and said that he prays every day that he could do more.  I told him that he does plenty!  Because in all honesty, if I couldn't get adjustments I would be crippled by my own spine.  When I get "all out of whack" (very medical terms here, yessir!) he's the only one that can provide me any relief, the only one that offers it!  Not my fancy orthopaedic surgeon, or some naproxen offered to me by a pain doctor.  And by the way, the former told me that scoliosis, shouldn't hurt.  His response was hilarious!  I didn't tell him, but that surgeon also gave me a look of scorn and scoffed when I said I was seeing a chiropractor to manage my back pain.  Because having severe scoliosis doesn't just mean pain, it means getting locked up, subluxes, some days being totally unable to move.  I was, at the time, much more active and involved in sports.  Volleyball was brutal to my body in particular.

I immediately thought how silly that was.  Why couldn't he see that this was helping, and since he was unable to offer me bracing and since I wasn't quite at the degree for surgery, why shouldn't he support my decision and even offer to speak with my chiropractor?  The fact that he was unable to change my twisty spine was not his fault, I didn't blame him.  I just wanted some relief and stability for my back.  Chiropractory offers that to me, and whether its 8:30 at night and I've thrown something out or a standard appointment, my chiropractor will be there even if it means opening up his office after hours.

Supplementation is the same way, there are some great ones when added to your existing treatment that can really help!  I know so little about it outside of the mito cocktail I take, but Dr M who I greatly admire has been taking and is now kindly selling Chinese herbal supplements that have made a big difference for her dysautonomia, and my dear friend KS takes an Indian one her dr prescribed which helps her crohns.  Different supplements can have inflammation reducing effects as I understand it, and so much more.  I know how much all the random supplements I've tried have helped, some didn't and I stopped them, but others have been life changing as far as symptom reduction!  CoQ10, Carnitine...

I know still others who juice, or go gluten free, and also have wonderful results!  All things I've never tried (and really can't now) but I just wanted to say how much I admire you all for your dedication.

Another thing I do is yoga.  I put on some music sometimes, and have some prayer time.  I just do some simple poses, and try not to fall on my face!  I find it to be really relaxing!  I used to do it a lot more, but we're picking it up again in OT and I want to do it more in between sessions.

Look mom! I can bend over...I can turn to the side....I can twist....
I love my chiropractor, did I mention that?



  1. Fondest Hellos Sweet Milly,

    You are so right about reaching the Edge here! Options can seem totally exhausted but it is important to realize that we have to think 'outside the box'. Good for you and getting better with your Chiropractor! I used to have one, too, and I got my neck range of motion back to a place that no one else thought was possible :-)!

    I am so excited about 2012! Great things are happening and we Do have to Stick Together and help one another. What ever works for me may work for you, and vice versa. We have to explore new options and move Onward and Forward!

    Thank you for your kind note about my Product, Rejuvenate-U. Several people have had positive effects on it, and I am super excited!!! I am sure that you will continue to spread the good word and keep your eyes on the One above all else :-)!

    Praying that God stays with us all. This life can be hard but there is always hope. Don't ever let any one take away your dreams. Dream your dreams!

    Speaking of that, I am starting a 10-day Course on my new book, Stepping from the Edge. We already know how that feels, but I want to encourage and inspire people to reach out moreso than ever before!

    Stay with me on, named after my wonderful father, Salvador Manuel Aranda. He was a rocket scientist and an amazing Father.

    God Bless You in all that you do! LoLv.

  2. Hey Milly,
    I understand your whole Scoliosis problem. I too have a curve that was never braced as a child and isn't quite the degree for surgery. My orthopedist also said it shouldn't hurt. Hah, little do they know. Unfortunately, I can't use chiropractic medicine, but I applaud you for trying it and I'm glad you find relief in it. When traditional doctors leave us no options, us patients have to find something to help get us through our days.

    I really like your blog posts and look forward to them!