Friday, February 3, 2012

Thank You and Thoughts

To you, my friends:

I want to thank you all for the encouragement you have offered me, the smiles you have sent to me, and the love you have shown me.  And I so appreciate the messages you've been leaving on here and facebook!

like Dr Margaret says, "together we are strong."  We are meant to build each other up, and support one another.  I cannot imagine going through this without friends and family, my medical team, my church, and my school!  Each person in my life, in each of our lives, is a brick laid by God to keep us strong.  A life without people in it, especially ones as special as the ones I've been blessed with, is a life without vibrance. I just feel, for a lack of a better word, droopy! thinking about it.  I cannot imagine doing this alone, and don't believe we were meant to.

This morning, mom and I drove into our chiropractor's office.  We just love him!  the office staff always greets us warmly, and Dr Mike just wasn't letting me leave without a hug this morning.  He started off the appt like he often does, sitting down with me to talk and see how I am doing.  He greets my mom with fervor as well, eager to see us and help in all ways he can.

When I roll into my rehabilitation hospital, we're immediately greeted with waves and smiles and hugs from everybody: from the main desk staff to the custodians.  Family and friends are often synonymous words, and they're not always blood.  And my friends are so special to me, so dear and kind and caring.  I hope I can be half as good of one in return, because you all are truly remarkable.

My school friends used to bend over backwards to make sure I could get around my painfully non accessible school, carrying my chair up and down steps (somebody making sure I didn't fall trying to follow it!), or wheeling me outside and down the driveway.  The bathrooms were all on the upper level, so if my chair was downstairs I had to crawl upstairs to get to them, and anybody discovering me in that odd predicament only offered a hand, not cruel words.

I could go on and on!

but I really should go use the energy I've been given today to get some more things done.

I hope you all are having a blessed, beautiful, sunny day.

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