Saturday, February 11, 2012

What are you living for?

What are you living for?
Different points in our lives, they really remind us whats important but over time it can be easy to lose sight of that.  To forget those moments that totally amaze and inspire us to direct ourselves, whether they were good or bad!  I really miss Chapel at my school, they always lifted me up each week.

Personally, I am living for Jesus Christ.  I make mistakes every day, but His free gift He paid for on the cross means my debt is forgiven.  I don't have to live in that worry or fear!  I can live freely.  It's really hard to be chronically ill, everyone who is would be lying if they said it never was.  But I can also honestly say that He makes it easy for me a lot of the time, because I feel like it's just something I can accept and do.  I have so much HOPE because of Him, even when I can't imagine past today.  And I often feel that way, yet I'm at peace too.  It's a weird combo of feelings!  I'm grateful to have a God who lets me be upset, or confused, without telling me that I'm a terrible person or shouldn't be doubting His will.  He's a big God, He can handle my humanity!  I am not mad at Him, this is not His fault we are just in this fallen world, because He gave us free will and man fell.

It's so important to have goals, hopes and dreams.  Some dreams can (and should) be totally unrealistic and over the top!  I have a bucket list, and on it is to ride with Beezie Madden!  I mean how cool would that be?!  Some are more attainable, like to gallop on the beach (at least I hope I can do that one day!), and go to Europe.  I also have goals in my life.  Move out of my parent's home, take online college courses, and maybe one day even live on campus at my favorite school.  As far as hopes, I pray I can one day not need so much outside of my body to keep the inside of it going.  But I can also live with that, because contrary to popular belief it IS still a life.  So many life full and happy lives, and with much more invasive equipment than I!

I've been given a body to breathe in, with a soul, and thats very precious.  Don't forget how valuable your life is, or Who made it.

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  1. This beautiful post left me with a feeling of warmth and hope inside, and a peaceful smile on my face. Thanks for writing this Milly.